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About us

KodoByte is the software development company which offers smartest and effective digital solutions for businesses and startups. We deliver our solutions to our customers in the areas of telecommunications, healthcare, energy, automotive, education, e-commerce and others. We understand how important in the new era are innovative digital solutions to be different, and we drive innovations with passion to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Our main advantages are:

We have the highly qualified team with a big experience in projects all over the world.

We propose innovative digital solutions based on Data Science, AI and Machinery Learning, IoT, and others.

We transform ideas into successful business digital products. Our analytics have deep knowledge of the world market trends and perfect understanding of feasible business models in different industries.

We have the best world recognized approaches in projects management.


Our software
development workflow



Defining the project scope and building the clear plan based on project estimation



Conducting the research on possible software functionality and whether market offers the same or similar solutions



Transformation of detailed requirements into design documents like screen layouts, wireframes etc.



Production is beginning at this stage (acquiring & installing environments, coding, compiling and refining)


Testing & QA

Conducting local testing to make sure that every inch in the software product is perfectly working


Launch & Measure

Finally, we making your software product ready to launch


Our services

We can offer you range of services depending on your goals.

Web development

We can help you in updating, redesigning or building your web-site from scratch. Also, we can develop web application, and do integrations between business tools and your web-site/web application.


Mobile app development

We offer native mobile app development (IOS, Android, Cross-Platform) following individual business needs and challenges of our customers.


Customer software development

We bring your software product idea to life. Our services can include development of new software product, improvement of existing products or adding innovations to your business.


MVP development

We develop MVP for startups based on deep understanding the parameters for its success: quick time to market period, ability to do fast changes, mainstream technologies, UI/UX design, users and investors satisfaction.


Research & Development (R&D)

Our R&D team every time monitors the recent technologies, market tech trends, disruptive digital business models, and can offer the new game changing opportunities for your business.


AI & Machinery Learning

Our AI engineers are ready to analyze your business, offer beneficial Machine Learning solutions and optimal AI software, and exercise development of ML and AI software.


Big Data

We can give new business insights for customers from diverse data sets generated in real time and at large scale. We can help to consolidate massive amount of data into a holistic environment that can be used for modeling and predicting new market opportunities.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Our team can help with selection of right IoT technologies and develop the relevant software for connected vehicles, personal devices, households and city smart facilities, industrial purpose.


Technologies we use

Java PHP Puthon NodeJS Salesforce Go C++ .NET HTML, CSS, JS TypeScript Vue React Angular PWA iOS Android Xamarin Tensoftlow

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